Doctoral Student Publications

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Books and Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Alharbi, M., Tan, Y. S. M., & Lo, C. O. (2020). Foodways, community, and film-making: A case study of funds of knowledge in higher education. Higher Education Pedagogies, 5(1), 310-323.

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Conference Proceedings

Royea, D. A., Nicol, C., & Osana, H. P. (in press). “Borrowing from the neighbour”: Preservice tecachers’ interpretations of student errors. Proceedings of the 39th annual meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. (July 2015 in Tasmania – proceedings not published yet)

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Murillo, F. (2014) Social Justice and Higher Education: How are we walking the talk? – bilingual commentary at Centre for Education, Law and Society – Simon Fraser University. Link:>