Welcome from the Department Head, Dr. Samson Nashon

Professor & Head

Head and Professor of Science Education

Email: samson.nashon@ubc.ca

Office: Scarfe 2201

Phone: 604–822–5337

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia.

EDCP delivers high quality curricula using a variety of flexible modalities, including face-to-face, blended, and online formats.  We are a world leader in the delivery of online programs over the past fifteen years, and holds considerable collective expertise that supports teaching and learning across many disciplines.

Samson Nashon, Head and Professor of Science Education

Student Quotes

“When we stared the on-line program I felt nervous – “how this was going to work?” But, as soon as we started our online program and started communicating with each other, I realized “yep, it’s gonna work out!”…and immediately I started feeling that on-line learning the community was growing. Working in groups and communication within and among the groups made it happen.”

First year, Master of Education (Science Education) Student

“It was quite lovely working in groups on-line and getting to know some of my colleagues…a sheer amount of encouragement from the rest of colleagues from all the postings was just so reassuring, and quite often there will a response to your post or to your response quite quickly and it wasn’t a superficial response, it felt like somebody has taken time to real read what you’ve written and engage with the subject matter and then respond in an honest and objective way.”

First year, Master of Education (Science Education) Student

“The online learning platform allows us to connect with home economics educators located provincially, nationally, or internationally which allows for exposure to a variety of experiences and practices in Home Economics Education.”

Second year, Master of Education (Home Economics) Student

“When, I joined the Home Economics online program, I was nervous about using an online platform. However, the support from faculty, fellow classmates and UBC library help desk has been instrumental in my positive experience so far!”

First year, Master of Education (Home Economics) Student