Staff Directory

Fred Brown

Science Research Technician

Responsible for coordinating, maintaining, preparing, purchasing and managing inventory of all specialized equipment in 13 specialized labs in the department. Providing specialized technical advice to all lab users, which requires in-depth knowledge of rapidly changing equipment, techniques and appropriateness for curriculum application. Researching and maintaining specialized equipment for teaching and research purposes. Consulting and advising faculty members and students on the use of equipment required for various classes, and instructing students on safe laboratory procedures for a high school classroom. Responsible for preparation of chemicals for use in classes, and safe storage and disposal of waste products in the laboratories. Administering and coordinating University-wide safety programs to ensure that all work areas of the department conform to regulatory requirements of Risk Management, and outside bodies such as WorkSafeBC and other agencies. Provides new worker training as required by WorkSafe BC Safety Orientation Guidelines.

Scarfe 1221

Telephone | 604-822-5369

Saroj Chand

Administrative Manager

Responsible for financial and administrative management of the department; manages and supervises the administrative support staff; coordinates course scheduling; coordinates hiring and appointment of sessional instructors and graduate students; Organizes teaching loads for faculty, sessionals and graduate teaching assistants; responsible for Space Allocation; Liaises with Faculty members on appointment of graduate research assistants; responsible for building maintenance and Health and Safety issues.

Scarfe 2231

Telephone | 604-822-3699

Gina Hiu Lam Wong

Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support for the daily administration of the department. Serves as a resource for faculty, and students in regards to administrative support, general inquiries, and problem solving. Provides orientation to faculty, sessional instructors and students; maintains an inventory of office supplies and equipment; purchases office supplies and equipment; ensures routine servicing and troubleshoots of photocopiers and printers; responsible for signing out and tracking equipment for classes and seminars; accesses course schedules and books restricted classrooms; liaises with plant operations regarding building issues; assists with ongoing maintenance of the EDCP website and digital signage.

Scarfe 2226

Telephone | 604-822-5422

Anna Ip (on leave)

Administrative Assistant to the Department Head

Acts as personal and confidential executive assistant to the Head. Maintains the Head’s appointment calendar. Provides coordination and administrative support for various senior departmental committees and meetings including the Departmental Meeting, Head’s Advisory Committee, Departmental Personnel Standing Committee, Merit Committee, and Search Committees. Coordinates monthly departmental seminars. Coordinates, proofreads and edits content for communication media including web communications and digital signage. Assists with ongoing maintenance of the EDCP website.

Scarfe 2203

Telephone | 604-822-5337

Alan Jay

Graduate Program Assistant

Provides administrative support to the Graduate Advisor; primary source of interpretation of policies and procedures on all graduate matters; coordinates all aspects of graduate program admissions, including the selection process and bringing cases requiring special adjudication to an admissions committee for determination; Evaluates transcripts for eligibility assessment; advises prospective students on issues such as requirements for admission, and documents requirements; Maintains and updates graduate student Access database.

Scarfe 2229

Telephone | 604-822-5367

Vindy Lin

Financial Process Specialist

Provides administrative support to department. Responsible for finance process in Workday including claims, payment, and reconciling purchases; processes hiring of graduate student workers; assists issues with online system; provides secretarial support to UAC.

Scarfe 2228

Telephone | 604-822-4531

Kirsty Robbins

Graphic Designer

Responsible for graphic design and branding strategies for the department, faculty research, publications, conferences, symposiums, special events, and websites. Manages and coordinates all aspects of design projects. Maintains UBC branding standards and initiatives to ensure consistency. Provides curriculum and research support to faculty, researchers, sessional instructors, undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

Scarfe 1129

Telephone | 604–822–5382