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The Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP) offers various opportunities for employment, most commonly for part-time teaching or supervision in the teacher education program. We encourage interested Sessional (part-time faculty) and Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) applicants to apply for specific positions advertised below. For policies used for hiring within the Department, please refer to the Sessional policy and GTA policy.

Applicants interested in tenure track, full-time faculty positions are encouraged to periodically browse this page, the Faculty of Education’s Job Postings , and UBC’s Department of Human Resources . The Department also advertises periodically for Adjunct Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows. Seconded (from School Board) Faculty positions are advertised by the Teacher Education Office . Potential staff should refer to Human Resources .

The University of British Columbia is committed to the principles of Employment Equity and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. In January 2007, EDCP approved an Affirmative Action Plan and committed to accommodating diversity in hiring practices with systemic changes in culture and curriculum of certificate, diploma, teacher education, and graduate programs. People of aboriginal descent, members of visible minorities, and people with disabilities are invited to identify themselves as members of these designated groups. Please feel free to use the Voluntary Declaration form and attach to this to your cover letter or resumé.

Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to confirm receipt of submissions over the phone or through the mail, nor can we provide the status of applicants except to those who are selected for an interview.

Also, due to scheduling and workload changes and plans within the Department, deadlines for applications may change and new job postings may be uploaded. We will try to indicate these changes but it is the responsibility of potential applicants to check the website periodically for changes.

Deadline for applications are noted within each posting.




Full-Time Faculty (Tenure Track) 2022-23
  Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Art Education
  Lecturer in Business Education
  Open Rank Professor in Home Economics Education – deadline extended
  Assistant Professor of Teaching in Social Studies Education
  Associate Professor or Professor with tenure in Critical Perspectives in Arts-Based Educational Research (ABER) – CLOSED
Full-Time Lecturer 2021-22
  Lecturer in Business Education – CLOSED
Part-time Instructor
Secondment 2021-22
  Home Economics Education -CLOSED
Sessional (Part-Time Faculty) 2022-23
  Winter Term EDCP 559-301
  Winter Term EDCP 378-301
  Winter Term EDCP 375A-301
  Winter Term EDCP 472-301
  Winter Term EDCP 565-61A -CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 508 -CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 492-63A-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 500-007-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 450B-21-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 349-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 362B-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 371-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 391A-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 450B-306-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 450B-308-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 491A-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 544-61A-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 550-032 –CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 562-61B – CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP various courses-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 471A-301 – CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 342A-301 – CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 452-301 – CLOSED
  Winter Term 302A/301 – CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 404-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 450B-307-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 403-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP590-96B-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 553-031-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP various courses-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 303-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 304-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340-107-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 352A-301/302/303-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 467J-301/302-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 356-351-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 355-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 101-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 102-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 103-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 104-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 105-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 108-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 109-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 340 110-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDUC 451B-309-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 313A-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 311A-301-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDUC 500-93A-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP 328-951-CLOSED
Summer Term EDCP 455-951-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP 453-951-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 301-101-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP various courses
  Winter Term CCFI 501-62A-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 331-105-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 331-107-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 331-101-CLOSED
  Winter Term 2021 EDCP 349-101/110 -CLOSED
  Winter Term 2021 EDCP 340/105 –CLOSED
  Winter Term 2021 EDCP 340/110 –CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 375A/378/472 -CLOSED
  Summer Term EDUC 452B-308 -CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP 327A-031-CLOSED
  Summer Term EDUC 452B S19 -CLOSED
  Summer Term EDCP 323-951-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 323-301-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-102-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-103-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-104-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-107-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-108-CLOSED
  Winter Term EDCP 320-110 -CLOSED
Full-Time Faculty (Tenure Track) 2020-21
  Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Refugee Education – CLOSED
  Assistant Professor in Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogies – CLOSED
Full-Time Lecturer 2020-21
  Business Education – CLOSED

Career Resources

For career resources and various advertisements for teaching at the post-secondary level, all students seeking employment are encouraged to consult UBC Career and experience, Student Services , CAUT Bulletin , Chronicle of Higher Education , and University Affairs . EDCP graduate students seeking K–12 teaching positions are encouraged to consult Education Canada and Teaching .

For more information on hiring policies and employment opportunities for faculty and GTAs at UBC, please see