The Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy offers a variety of advanced courses addressing its scope of specializations.

Courses at the 300 and 400 levels are primarily for students in teacher education (BEd) and professional development (certificate & diploma) programs. Graduate students can take up to six credits at the 400 level. The Department’s undergraduate courses are coordinated with the Teacher Education Office and are accessible through UBC Student Services . Our off-campus courses are coordinated through our external programs.

Students registering for 2009–2010 courses are advised to consult the links below (under Course Offerings, by term) and UBC Student Services . Until May 2010, the Department’s courses can be found under the following acronyms: EDCP + ARTE, BUED, CSED, CUST, HMED, MAED, MUED, PETE, SCED, SSED and TSED.

Changes to the Department’s catalog of courses will take effect in May 2010. All courses will be found under the EDCP acronym. To cross-reference the old and new acronyms, please consult the following EDCP Course Guides:

Course Offerings

A listing of Research Methods and Special Topics courses offered across the Faculty of Education is available at

To download a record of current and past course offerings, please click on the links below:

EDCP Course Offerings (by term)

Graduate Courses Undergraduate Courses
2020 Winter
2020 Summer
2019 Winter
2019 Summer 2019 Summer
2018 Winter
2018 Summer
2017 Winter
2017 Summer
2016 Winter
2016 Summer
2015 Winter
2015 Summer 2015 Summer
2014 Winter
2014 Summer 2014 Summer
2013 Winter
2013 Summer
2012 Winter
2012 Summer


Course Sequence

As of May 2010, the new Course Sequence is as follows:

Undergraduate Level

  • (EDCP 300-319) (400-419) Visual & Performing Arts
  • (EDCP 330-339) (430-439) Humanities and Social Sciences
  • (EDCP 340-359) (440-459) Mathematics & Sciences
  • (EDCP 360-369) (460-469) Curriculum & Pedagogy Foundations & Theory
  • (EDCP 370-379) (470-479) Technologies
  • (EDCP 380-389) (480-489) Media Studies
  • (EDCP 390-399) (490-499) Family Studies & Global Citizenship

Graduate Level

  • (EDCP 500-519) Research Methodology & Reviews of Research
  • (EDCP 520-529) Visual & Performing Arts
  • (EDCP 530-539) Human Movement, Health & Ecology
  • (EDCP 540-549) Humanities and Social Sciences
  • (EDCP 550-559) Mathematics & Sciences
  • (EDCP 560-569) Curriculum & Pedagogy Foundations & Theory
  • (EDCP 570-579) Media & Technologies
  • (EDCP 580-599) Graduating Paper, Directed Study, Field and MA Thesis Courses
  • (EDCP 600-699) Doctoral Seminar and Thesis Courses

Course Outlines

For course descriptions and outlines, please go to

UBC Calendar
UBC Course Registration (Student Services)
Teacher Education Office (Undergraduate Programs and Courses)
Professional Development & Community Engagement (PDCE)