Forms and Resources

There is a great variety of forms below.  If you need help with any of them, please contact the graduate program assistant, for assistance. Other forms can be found on the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies website.

Forms & Guides

Course Forms Guides
EDCP 580 (Directed Study) EDCP Guidelines Comprehensive Exam
EDCP 590 (Graduating Paper) EDCP 580 Procedures
EDCP 599 (Thesis Completion) EDCP 590
EDCP 468 (Directed Study) – For Undergraduate students G+PS MA Thesis Guidelines
G+PS PhD Dissertation Guidelines
Add/Drop Graduate Coordinator Proposal Guide
Unclassified Student Enrollment Graduate Coordinator Thesis Preparation Guide
Graduate Coordinator Writing Guide

Advising Forms

Assigning or choosing pro tem Advisers & Supervisors Master’s Program Guidelines
Master’s Program Planning PhD Program Guidelines
Curriculum and Leadership Comprehensive Exam Approval
PhD Program Planning Doctoral Proposal Approval
Change of Supervisor Doctoral Program Planning
MEd Annual Academic Progress Report Master’s Thesis Proposal Approval
MA/PhD Annual Academic Progress Report Change of Committee Member

G+PS Forms

PhD (Defense Prep, etc.)
Master’s (Misc.)
Application for Part-Time Payment Schedule B
Change to Transcript of Academic Record

Awards & Funding Forms

Graduate Student Service Application

FoGS Awards

Graduate Community Forms

Office Space Request

UBC Brand Assets

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Research poster and presentation Templates: