After EDCP

Where can you go from here?

EDCP can take you in many directions—either in academia or the private sector. EDCP graduates receive a rounded, well-respected education that will be recognized around the world—some of our recent graduates are listed below to give you a sample of the many options available.

Data 2014-2023

Note: This table is not intended to be a complete list of our graduates since 2014. Its intent is to provide a sense of the types of positions graduates are attaining. It is based on information provided by those supervisors who wished to do so.


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Anita Prest2014Dr. Scott GobleAssociate ProfessorDept. of Curriculum and Instruction,
University of Victoria
Lindsay Gibson2014Dr. Peter SeixasAssistant ProfessorDept. of Curriculum and
Pedagogy, UBC
Shannon Moore2014Dr. Lisa LoutzenheiserAssistant ProfessorFaculty of Education,
Universityof Manitoba
Jongmun Kim2014David AndersonDirector of EducationNational Marine Biodiversity
Institute Of Korea
Gilmour Jope2014Dr. Anne PhelanAssociate ProfessorUniversity of the Fraser Valley
Sylvia McLellan2014Dr. Ann AndersonOwner & DirectorMathnasium Math Learning
Center, Langley


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Brooke Madden2015Dr. Cynthia NicolAssistant ProfessorDept. of Secondary Education,
University of Alberta
Heather McGregor2015Dr. Penney Clark &
Dr. Peter Seixas
Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Education,
Queen’s University
Andrea Webb2015Dr. Harry HubballAssociate Professor
of Teaching
Dept. of Curriculum and Pedagogy,
Faculty of Education, UBC
Ashley Welsh2015Dr. Marina
Faculty Liaison
(Faculty of Science)
Centre for Teaching, Learning
and Technology, UBC
Ji Jiao2015David AndersonAssociate ProfessorCentral South University, China
Christopher Campbell2015David AndersonAssociate ProfessorUniversity of the Fraser Valley
Gabrielle Trepanier2015David AndersonSenior EvaluatorParks Canada


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Marion Riedel2016Dr. Anthony ClarkeChair and Coordinator
of Graduate Programs
Vancouver Island University
Jung Jung-Hoon2016Dr. William PinarResearch ProfessorPusan National University,
South Korea
Jeff Baker2016Dr. Cynthia NicolLand-based education
Mistawasis Nehiyawak
First Nations community, Saskatchewan


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Stephanie Anderson2017Dr. Penney ClarkSessional LecturerDept. of Curriculum & Pedagogy,
Faculty of Education, UBC
Joseph Kyser2017Dr. William PinarPastorUnited Church of Canada
Brenda Davis2017Dr. William PinarInstructorSimon Fraser University
Mumuni Thompson2017Dr. Ann AndersonSenior Lecturer ECEDUniversity of the Cape Coast,


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Priya Anka Lekhi2018Dr. Marina
Milner-Bolotin &
Dr. Samson Nashon
Associate Professor
of Teaching
Dept. of Chemistry,
Faculty of Science, UBC
Ma Ying2018Dr. Anne PhelanInstructorKwantlen Polytechnic
Alison Shields2018Dr. Rita IrwinAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Victoria
Suneena Rasheed2018Dr. Anthony ClarkeRectorAvid College, Maldives


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Ofira Roll2019Dr. Rita IrwinInstructorOronim College
Kari Marken2019Dr. Anthony ClarkeLecturer, Law and
Business Communications
Sauder School of
Business, UBC
Patricia Liu Baergen2019Dr. William PinarAssistant ProfessorThompson Rivers University
Saeed Nazuri2019Dr. William PinarCEOCurrere, Inc., Iran
Wanying Wang2019Dr. William PinarAssistant ProfessorSt. John’s University, USA
Rasunah Marsden2019Dr. Cynthia NicolAuthor


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Blake Smith2020Dr. Rita IrwinAssistant Professor
in residence
Rhode Island School
of Design
Gerald Tembrevilla2020Dr. Marina
Assistant ProfessorMount St. Vincent
Kevin Day2020Dr. Anthony ClarkeSessional LecturerDepartment of Art History,
Visual Art & Theory,
Faculty of Arts, UBC
Sandra Delgado2020Dr. E. Wayne RossCurriculum and Teaching
Consultant and Research
Universidad National
de Columbia
Vanessa Radzimski2020Dr. Cynthia Nicol &
Dr. Ann Anderson
Associate ProfessorUniversity of the Fraser Valley


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Katie Gemmell2021Dr. Penney ClarkPostdoctoral FellowDept. of History,
University of Victoria
Kwesi Yaro2021Dr. Ann AndersonAssistant ProfessorDept. of Secondary Education,
University of Alberta
Anne Hales2021Dr. Anne PhelanSenior ResearcherBritish Columbia Teachers Federation
Kimberly Baker2021Dr. Rita IrwinMuseum Educator
Fay Bigloo2021Dr. William PinarInstructorB.Ed Program, UBC
Bruce Moghtader2021Dr. William PinarInstructorKwantlen Polytechnic University
Kiera Brant-Birioukov2021Dr. William PinarAssistant ProfessorYork University
Amanda Fritzlan2021Dr. Cynthia NicolSessional InstructorDept. of Curriculum and Pedagogy,
Faculty of
Education, UBC


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Myron Medina2022Dr. Susan GerofskySTEAM Program
Ministry of Education of Belize
Nicole Lee2022Dr. Rita IrwinAssistant ProfessorNova Scotia College of Art and
Design – NSCAD University
Anna Ryoo2022Dr. Rita IrwinAssistant ProfessorUniversity of California,
Roselynn Verwoord2022Dr. Anthony ClarkeCurriculum Consultant,
Students as Partners Strategist
Centre for Teaching, Learning
and Technology, UBC


PhD StudentsYearSupervisorPresent PositionInstitution
Kimani Karangu2023Dr. Cynthia Nicol &
Dr. Samson Nashon
Recent GraduateRecent Graduate
Renee Diemert2023Dr. Cynthia NicolTeacherGreater Victoria School District