Graduate Advisory Committee

The Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) meets monthly and as required, making recommendations on admissions, reviewing and advising on graduate courses and programs, scheduling courses, and reviewing policy related to graduate programs. The Graduate Coordinator chairs the GAC and reports to the Head and members of the Department. The Head appoints all members, including two graduate students (one master’s and one doctoral).

The GAC sends a representative to both the Faculty of Education’s Graduate Curriculum Advisory Committee and the University’s Graduate Council, and this person speaks for EDCP concerning programs of study, admissions, scholarships, and examinations. For additional details, please visit the GCAC and Graduate Council pages.

The Department and Faculty welcome the participation of graduate students in governance. There are formal and informal venues for this, and protocols or procedures guiding formal input into decision-making processes. For more information, please download the protocols for the participation of graduate students in governance.

EDCP Graduate Advisory Committee Members (2020–2021)

Marina Milner-Bolotin, Graduate Coordinator & Chair
Alan Jay, Graduate Program Assistant

David Anderson
Penney Clark
Peter Gouzouasis
LeAnne Petherick
Wayne Ross
William Pinar
Michelle Tan

EDCP graduate student representatives:
Qiaochu Xu and Nashwa Khedr

Agenda and Minutes

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