EDCP Advising

Advising – We are always glad to help.

Of course, the best advice for students is to stay tuned into the requirements of your program. The Graduate Coordinator, Graduate Program Assistant and students’ pro tem advisors or program supervisors are available to assist in helping students begin and complete their programs. Please consult the EDCP Guidelines for the Assignment/Selection Of Pro Tem Advisers and Supervisors and information for changing supervisors. The Graduate Coordinator is available to help resolve problems, mediate between students and the Faculty or Faculty of Graduate Studies, and help direct students toward completion, future studies, or careers. The Graduate Program Assistant provides resources for students and facilitates enrollment into and completion of programs. Pro tem advisers and program supervisors assist students in choosing courses and resolving problems. Each student is responsible for

Various forms for advising and progress through the graduate program are available on the forms page. The following institutional resources are also available to students for advising:

Graduation Information

Students must be registered every term throughout the duration of the program, including when working on thesis (EDCP 599) for MA students or dissertation (EDCP 699) for PhD students. For information on registration, visit UBC Student Services.

Thesis Guidelines
Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies web pages for information on Thesis Proposals, Writing the Thesis and Defending the Thesis. Also download the Graduate Coordinator’s Writing Guide and Thesis Proposal and Preparation guides for helpful tips.

MA and PhD Orals
MA and PhD students must defend their theses before they can graduate. Please review the links below for more information.

Doctoral Oral Exam Information

Applying to Graduate
If you have completed your program requirements and are planning to graduate, please inform the EDCP Graduate Program Assistant as well as your supervisor. You must also apply to graduate online .