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UBC Brand | https://brand.ubc.ca/

When we all adhere to the university’s brand standards and best practices, our collective messages become louder and clearer to our audiences. With consistency, we maximize the potential of every story. Here you will find resources that will help you confidently communicate on-brand and present your idea — whether in text, image, motion or web — when you are telling the UBC story to the world.

Templates and assets | https://brand.ubc.ca/guidelines/downloads/
On this page you will find an inventory of UBC templates and assets organized into key areas of use and familiarity.

Graphic Design

Kirsty is responsible for ensuring EDCP adheres to the university’s brand standards and best practices.

She can provide faculty with design expertise covering a wide range design projects that highlight and promote department programs, acheivements, research, publications, conferences and special events. Project examples include; digital and print graphics, branding, logo design, publication design and layout, program/course advertising, info graphics, illustrations, image sourcing, report and proposal design, large format posters and banners, powerpoint graphics, website graphics, wayfinding graphics, other branded promotional merchandise.

Contact | Kirsty Robbins, kirsty.robbins@ubc.ca