Kerry Renwick

Scarfe 2216


Associate Professor

Curriculum Areas

  • Home Economics
  • Health Education
  • Technology Studies
  • Teacher Education


Victoria University, 2008, Doctor of Philosophy
Monash University, 2005, Masters of Organisational Leadership
Monash University, 1993, Masters of Educational Studies


Dr Kerry Renwick has teaching experience in Australian secondary schools in the government, catholic and independent systems in the State of Victoria, Australia; in vocational education and training; and higher education. Kerry also has experience working in public health nutrition with Statewide responsibility for nutrition education in P-12 schools. Within her role at Victoria University, Kerry successfully introduced Home Economics as a secondary specialisation for pre-service teachers. She has undertaken leadership in teacher professional associations including roles President, Treasurer and Editor of journals. Kerry is an associate editor for the International Journal of Home Economics and the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, and holds the position of Vice President, Pacific Region, for the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) 2018 – 2020.

In addition to her research work around health literacy; food literacy; teacher education; and teachers’ professional practice Kerry is also an Associate Member of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm: .

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Invited Presentations

2019, ‘Food Literacy as a way to live in the world’. XV Symposium Home Economics, UBC, Vancouver, BC, February. Paper.

2019, ‘Charting the food literacy terrain’ Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), Brisbane, QLD Australia, December. Paper.

2018, ‘Unsettling the colonial curriculum in health education’. 6th World Curriculum Studies Conference – IAACS, Melbourne Australia (December 10 – 12). Paper.

2018, ‘In the Middle of What? Preparing pre-service teachers to teach in the middle years’. AARE Sydney, Australia (December 2 – 6). Paper.

2017, ‘Transitions from expert students to emerging teachers’, Australian Association for Research in Education, Canberra, ACT (November 26 – 30).  Paper.

2017, ‘The making of ignorance: undermining the value of home economics’. Canadian Symposium XIV, London, Ontario (February 24 – 26). Paper.

2016, ‘A tale of two literacies’. Australian Association for Research in Education, Melbourne, Vic Australia (November 28  – December 4).  Paper.

2016, ‘Educating Young People on Global Determinants of Health’. Paper presentation at the European Association for Research in Education, Dublin, Ireland. (August 23 – 26). Paper, co-presentation with Bruselius-Jensen, M., Aagaard-Hansen, J. & Danielsen, D.

2016, ‘Enhancing Your Teaching Through Graduate Studies’. THESA Annual Conference, Richmond, BC  (October 21). Paper, co-presentation with M.G. Smith.

2015, ‘Drawing from Funds of Knowledge’. Canadian Symposium XIII Proceedings: Issues and Directions in Home Economics / Human Ecology / Family Studies Education, Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 27-28 and March 1, Paper .

2013, ‘Run Fat Boy, Run’ and ‘Health literacy: the classroom as inner space’. Australian Association for Research in Education, Shaping Australian Education Research, Adelaide SA, 1-5 December, Paper and Symposium.

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2007, ‘Understanding worlds of thought and worlds of practice’. AVETRA Annual Conference, Victoria University Melbourne, April. Paper.

2004, ‘The Health Promoting School – life in the metaphysical’. Teaching and Research Conference – Teaching and Research Partnerships in Health and Education, Victoria University, November. Paper.

2004, Habits: derivations and conjugations. 18th IUPHE World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education – Health2004, VicHealth, Melbourne, April. Paper.

2003, ‘Teachers reflecting and teacher reflections’. AVETRA Annual Conference, Sydney, April. Paper, co-presentation with Bernadette Stumpf.

2002, ‘Learning to learn online’. VISTA Annual Conference, Lorne, May and AVETRA Annual Conference, Adelaide, March. Paper.

1999, ‘Telling tales, hearing voices’. Australian Association of Research in Education, Biennial Conference, Melbourne, December. Paper.

1998, ‘Politics, Professional Development and Assessment: stories from the battlefront’. UMTC, Assessment in Vocational Education and Training, The University of Melbourne, September. Paper.

1997, ‘Have we got there yet?: a saga of Health Promoting Schools’. Australian Association of Research in Education, Biennial Conference, Brisbane, December. Paper.

1997, ‘Health Promoting Schools: the Right way?’ 3rd National Health Promoting Schools Conference, Canberra, November. Paper.

1997, ‘Food and Nutrition Education: education or health?’ Home Economics Association of Australia National Conference, Melbourne, March. Workshop.

1997, Health Promoting Schools. Health Education Association of Victoria, Statewide Conference, Melbourne, August. Workshop.


Selected Publications

Publication – Journal

Renwick, K. & Tong, J. (2021). Changing but not compromising home economics teacher education in context of COVID-19. International Journal of Home Economics, 96-106.

Renwick, K. Powell, L. & Edwards, G. (2021). “We are all in this together”: investigating alignments in intersectoral partnerships dedicated to K-12 food literacy education, Health Education Journal.  (supported by SSHRC IDG grant) .

Mazac, R., Renwick, K., Seed, B. A. and Black, J. (2021). An Approach for Integrating and Analyzing Sustainability in Food-Based Dietary Guidelines, Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 5:544072. .

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Publications – Books

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Students Supervised



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