Lisa Loutzenheiser

Scarfe 2303


Associate Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy
Associate, Department of Educational Studies
Associate, Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Youth Studies
Urban education
Gender/sexuality/race in educational settings
Qualitative methodology
Gender Studies/queer theory
Curriculum Policy


University of Wisconsin , PhD, (Double) Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies
University of California, Berkeley, B.A, American Political Development


Dr. Loutzenheiser’s research interests are centered in youth studies, qualitative methodologies, sociology and anthropology of education, anti-oppressive and critical race theories, curriculum policy and gender and queer theories.

Dr. Loutzenheiser’s research interests are focused on the educational experiences of marginalized youth and the teaching and learning directed for and about students labeled as such.

Her current research involves an ethnography of a leadership camp for LGBQ and TTI youth and their allies, and a policy analysis of “anti-homophobia” policy in British Columbia school boards.

She is also particularly interested in the ways theories of race, sexualities, and gender are useful across research projects, methods and methodologies.

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Selected Publications

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Loutzenheiser, L. W. (2010). Can we learn queerly? Normativity and social justice pedagogies.In T. K. Chapman & N. Hobbel (Eds.), The practice of freedom: Social justice pedagogy in the United States (pp. 121-143). New York: Routledge.

Loutzenheiser, L. W., & Moore, S. D. M. (2009). Safe schools, sexuality and critical education. In M. Apple, W. Au & L. A. Gandin (Eds.), Routledge international handbook of critical education (pp. 161-173). New York: Routledge.

Loutzenheiser, Lisa W. (2007): “Ruminations on stuck places: Identities, race and queer theories”. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy. 4(2)

Loutzenheiser, L.W. (2007) Working alterity: The Impossibility of ethical research with youth. Educational Studies, 41(2), 108-127*

Loutzenheiser, L.W. (2006) Working fluidity, materiality and the educational imaginary: A case for contingent primacy. Journal of Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies, 3(2). 27-40

Loutzenheiser, L.W. and MacIntosh, L.B. (2004) Sexualities, citizenships and education. Theory into Practice 43(2), 151-159.

Students Supervised

Graduate Students (partial list):

Melanie Janzen PhD, CUST, 2011 (Teacher Education)

Karen Sirna PhD, CUST, 2006 (Teacher Thinking)

Shannon Moore M.A., CUST, 2007 (Youth, Masculinity)

Glen Hartman M.A., EDST, 2007 (Gender, Sexuality and Policy)

Lisa Hickey M.A., WMST, 2006 (Art Education, Gender and Sexuality)

Stephanie Higginson M.A., EDST, 2006 (Girls, Pedagogy and Film)

Gordon Fitt MEd, CCFI (Educational Change), 2011

Shirley Snowshoe M.Ed ,EDCP, 2010 (Indigenous Language and Leadership)

Claire Davis M.A, EDCP, 2009 (Discourse, Language and Pedagogy)

Rachae Corneil M.Ed, EDCP, 2008 (Educational Change)

Julia Saunders M.Ed., CUST, 2007 (Health and Sexuality Education)

Chelsea Peddle M.Ed, EDST, 2006 (Youth Participatory Civic Engagement)

Jana Simonski M.Ed, CUST, 2005 (Teacher Self Practice)

Students in progress

Jennifer Moule, PhD, EDST

Sam Stiegler, PhD, EDCP

Manjeet Birk, PhD, CCFI

Brooke Madden, PhD, EDCP

Mimi Mahovlich, M.Ed, CCFI

Shannon Moore PhD, EDCP (Media Production and Gender in Schools, Youth Perspective)

Kal Heer PhD, EDST (Masculinity and South Asian Students)

Andree Gacoin PhD, EDST (Sexuality Education in South Africa)

Tania Johal M.A,, EDCP (South Asian Girls and Schooling)


Courses Taught

Graduate Courses

CUST/EDCP 566: Curriculum Change, Planning and Implementation

CUST 565: Youth Studies

CUST 562: Introduction to Curriculum Studies

CUST 565: Critical Perspectives in Urban Education

CCFI 565: Queer Theory in Education

CCFI 565: Anti-oppressive and Queer Theories in Education

CCFI/EDST: Critical Race Theory in Education

CCFI 565/EDCP 585: Advanced Doctoral Seminar in Qualitative Research

EDUC 504: Qualitative Data Analysis

CUST/EDCP 510: Video Ethnography

CUST 565A: Identity in Education

EDUC 503A: Ethnography in Education

EDCP 601: Doctoral Seminar

EDST 576: Feminist Pedagogies

EDCP 601: Doctoral Seminar

Teacher Education Program

SSED 317: Issues in Social Studies

EDST 314: Social Issues in Education