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February 2022

Tamanawis Secondary School students grow plants in personalized pots and look after them throughout the term

Students in a Surrey Secondary School grow plants in personalized pots and look after them throughout the term. Dr. Susan Gerofsky discussed the benefits of the plant project.


Alberta social studies curriculum being tested by a handful of private school teachers only

Dr. Lindsay Gibson gave his comment on the Albertan government’s pilot approach to education curriculum changes.

CBC via Yahoo

October 2021

Meet the education academics reimagining how math is taught

Dr. Cynthia Nicol was recently interviewed by University Affairs and spoke about taking a humanistic approach to teaching K-12 mathematics.  Advocates of ‘humanistic math’ are on a mission to help schoolchildren from all backgrounds see the world differently.

University Affairs

September 2021

Reconciliation Day in B.C.: How should the day be spent?

Dr. Shannon Leddy was recently interviewed by Vancouver Sun and spoke about how non-Indigenous people can enter into the dialogue on decolonization and confront Canada’s difficult history.

Vancouver Sun

Ten schools the VSB should aim to rename

Dr. Lyndsay Gibson together with University of Waterloo PhD student, Mallory Davies, analyzed Vancouver school naming practices over time and identified ten schools for schools the Vancouver School Board should consider renaming.

The Tyee

Majority of British Columbians in new survey say no way to B.C. name change

Dr. Lyndsay Gibson was interviewed on public attitudes toward changing British Columbia’s name.


June 2021

Improving STEM teacher education in Southeast Asia

The international research of Dr. Samia Khan was being showcased by the Vice Provost International at UBC. The international research project, called MII-STEM, focuses on examining the effectiveness of modelling – a key scientific practice – and how it’s taught to STEM teachers in training.

Vice Provost International

When should Canadians begin learning about residential schools? Experts say kindergarten

Dr. Shannon Leddy was recently interviewed by the Global News and discussed the age at which children should be taught about Canada’s history with residential schools

Global News

May 2021

Richmond high school adds band class after outcry

Dr. Peter Gouzouasis talked to the Richmond News reporter, of his research paper, “A Population-Level Analysis of Associations Between School Music Participation and Academic Achievement,” how it showed that B.C. students who took band, orchestra or choir scored “significantly better” in math, science and English than those not taking music,

Richmond News

March 2021

A Population-Level analysis of associations between school music participation and academic achievement

Dr. Peter Gouzouasis had a discussion with host, Jawn Jang, of his research paper, “A Population-Level Analysis of Associations Between School Music Participation and Academic Achievement.”

The Shift on CKNW/Global Network

Tips for online learning and what we have learned one year into COVID-19

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was interviewed by Spice Radio on the topic of online education and how to engage students in learning. She also mentioned the UBC Physics Olympics during the interview.

Spice Radio

Spring Break: 5 simple COVID-safe things to do with your kids in Metro Vancouver

Dr. Susan Gerofsky was interviewed by Vancouver Sun and gave several suggestions for keeping kids busy in Metro Vancouver this spring break. “Since none of us can travel around the province or abroad, let’s travel around our neighbourhoods,” she said.

Vancouver Sun

February 2021

Gathering spaces for Indigenous students strengthen connections and sense of belonging

Dr. Shannon Leddy was interviewed by CBC and talked about the importance for Indigenous students to have somewhere to go to be themselves  and experience a sense of acceptance.


Home economics an overlooked part of the climate solution

Dr. Kerry Renwick was interviewed by National Observer journalist, Marc Fawcett-Atkinson on the role that home economics education can play in promoting food and food system choices that help combat climate change.

National Observer

January 2021

Faculty of Education tackles a teaching conundrum

Dr. Andrea Webb was interviewed by UBC Today and talked about the challenges of modelling effective pedagogy in teacher education programs during a pandemic.

UBC Today

The good, bad and ugly of the COVID school year

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was interviewed by Vancouver Sun journalist, Lori Culbert on the challenges of K-12 students and their families during the pandemic.

Vancouver Sun

November 2020

High schoolers, educators worry condensed schedules will bring ‘information overload’

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was interviewed by CBC’s Jessica Wong on the topic of changes to school year during the pandemic (e.g., quarters instead of semesters) and their impact on student achievement.

CBC News

October 2020

First years adjust to university online

The Ubyssey newspaper interviewed Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin on the topic of teaching during the pandemic.

The Ubyssey

September 2020

Q&A | Everything you want to know about back-to-school

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was invited by CBC Morning Live Show with Heather Hiscox to join panel as an online education expert and answer questions about back-to-school.

CBC News

What do you have to know about back-to-school and COV-19

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin joined guest host Richard Cloutier to discuss the myths about face-to-face and online education, and concerns about back-to-school plans across Canada.

CBC Radio (segment begins at 02:40)

Challenges of online education

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was interviewed by Spice Radio on the topic of new academic year and how the parents can support their children.

Spice Radio Lower Mainland

August 2020

Values of outdoor learning within a COVID-19 safe education plan

Dr. Hartley Banack discussed with Margaret Gallagher on CBC radio (BC Today) the values of Outdoor Learning within a Covid Safe Education Plan, in addition to answering questions from people who called in.

CBC (segment begins at 24 mins on the Aug 25, 2020 podcast)

Alberta government handpicks new school curriculum advisers

Dr. Lindsay Gibson was quoted about the history curriculum introduced by the NDP government and the big knowledge gap when reviewing the curriculum.


What challenges does online learning present for kids and families?

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin discussed with Adam Stirling on C-FAX 1070 (iHeart) radio the challenges that online learning presents for kids and families and how we can overcome them.

C-FAX 1070

Massive outbreaks in Israeli schools a ‘cautionary tale’ for Canada 

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin spoke about the differences between Canada and Israel that could lead to different outcomes when students return to school.


Centralized virtual schools and synchronous delivery: How remote learning is shaping up for fall

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin talked to CBC’s Jessica Wong and shares insights on the future of remote learning and how it is shaping the coming year in K-12 schools. She also reflects on how teachers might engage students online.

CBC (segment begins at 02:40)

June 2020

We can learn lessons from the streets

Dr. E. Wayne Ross spoke to Documento–a newspaper in Athens, Greece– about uprisings against police violence in the United States.

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Education during the time of COVID-19

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin discussed talk with Shreyas Patankar and Mrigas Das from Cofactor Conversation Lab the outlook, challenges, and opportunities for education as our society learns to live with the pandemic. Ultimately, educators, parents, and policy-makers must work together to create new opportunities and innovations in education appropriate for our new normal.

Cofactor Conversation Lab

April 2020

WATCH — What’s your homeschooling style? Planner or free spirit?

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin talked to a young CBC Radio – Kids News correspondent Alexia Sabau about effective strategies to study during the pandemic.

CBC Kids News

March 2020

Could the school year be over because of coronavirus?

Jason Markusoff from Maclean’s Magazine interviewed Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin on the challenges of learning during the pandemic and how we should not stop learning.

Maclean’s Magazine

COVID-19: What should social distancing look like with kids?

Dr. Susan Gerofsky said parents should “take time to be present”, “notice the natural world”, and and learn something together with their child, finding time before or after work or on their lunch break.

Vancouver Sun