Shannon Leddy

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Assistant Professor of Teaching


Shannon Leddy (Métis) is a Vancouver based teacher and writer whose practice focuses on decolonizing education and Indigenous education within teacher education. She holds degrees in Art History and Anthropology from the University of Saskatchewan (1994), an MA in Art History (1997), and a BEd (2005) from the University of British Columbia. Her PhD research at Simon Fraser University focused on inviting pre-service teachers into dialogue with contemporary Indigenous art as a mechanism of decolonizing education and in order to help them become adept at delivering Indigenous education without reproducing colonial stereotypes. During her time as a public school teacher with the Vancouver School Board, Shannon worked at several high schools as a teacher of Art, Social Studies and English. After a two-year secondment to work as a Faculty Associate in SFU’s Professional Development Program in teacher education, she returned to the VSB to undertake the coordination of an arts-based mini-school. She has also worked as an Instructor in SFU’s Faculty of Education teaching courses in pedagogical foundations and Aboriginal education. In 2013 she was awarded SFU’s Aboriginal Graduate Entrance Scholarship and a SSHRC Bombardier Scholarship in 2015.

Shannon’s personal philosophy of education is rooted in Freire’s model of inquiry as the praxis required to effect transformative change. Her practice as a teacher, and interest in transforming education, is situated somewhere between the discourses of indigenizing the academy and decolonizing education, two of the current and most prominent frames of reference for discussing Indigeneity and the impacts of colonization within curriculum. Shannon is committed to working at finding new and effective avenues for including Indigenous content within school curriculum in meaningful ways, and helping non-Indigenous teachers to learn from Indigenous people. She believes strongly in the power of dialogue to affect transformative change, and works to create learning environments in which each person is both student and learner.

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Selected Publications

Leddy, S., & Turner, S. R. (2016). Sharpening the focus: Two voices on Aboriginal pedagogy. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 14(2), pp. 53–65.

Ormond, C., Zandvliet, D., McClaren, M., Robertson, P., Leddy, S., & Metcalfe, S. (2015). Environment education as teacher education: Melancholic reflections from an emerging community of practice. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE), 19, 160-179.

Leddy, S. (2014). Using art to open post colonial dialogues with pre-service teachers. Simon Fraser University’s Educational Review, 1(1), pp. 1-12.