Interview – Dr. William Pinar

Dr. William Pinar, Professor

“Restructured by technology—indeed we are now post- human—the person remains primary for me, even if as a flickering memory, an image on the screen in an old movie, a character in a novel or poem, the subject of a book. I’m not claiming to be one, only a refugee who remembers.”

Research Interests:

After studying the intellectual histories of curriculum studies in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States, in recent years I have turned my attention to Canada, an overview of which can be found at: Also in recent years I have studied the Canadian political philosopher and theologian George Grant. I am now focused on the Indigenous Challenge to the curriculum studies field.

In press. Curriculum Studies in Canada: Present Preoccupations. Co-edited with Anne Phelan. University of Toronto Press.
2023. A Praxis of Presence. Routledge.
2019. What Is Curriculum Theory? (3rd edition). Routledge.
2019. Images of Eternity: George Grant’s Critique of Time, Technology, and Teaching. University of Ottawa Press.

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