Interview – Dr. E. Wayne Ross

Dr. E. Wayne Ross, Professor

“How can we create conditions that allow students to develop personally meaningful understandings of the world and recognize they have agency to act on the world, to make change? Education is not about showing life to people, but bringing them to life. Our aim shouldn’t be getting students to listen to convincing lectures, but encouraging them to speak for themselves in order to achieve, or at least strive toward an equal degree of participation and a better future.”

Research Interests:
Dr. Ross is interested in the influence of social and institutional contexts on teachers’ practice as well as the role of curriculum and teaching in building a democratic society. His most recent research develops a radical critique of schooling as social control and a collection of strategies that can be used disrupt and resist the conformative, anti-democratic, and oppressive potentialities of schooling, practices he describes as dangerous citizenship.

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