Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki

Congratulations to everyone involved in the successful book launch for Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki: Historical and Contemporary Significance for Curriculum Research and Practice. 1st Edition (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2022).

Edited by Lee, N.Y. S. (PhD, 2021), Wong, L., E. Ursino, J. M. (Doctoral Students).


A virtual panel discussion hosted by Professor William F. Pinar took place on March 29, 2022 at 11:00a.m. (PT)
Panel: Drs. Rita L. Irwin and Peter P. Grimmett

Book Launch Flyer (Lingering with the Works of Ted Aoki)


In Curriculum in a New Key, Rita L. Irwin writes that “Ted’s greatest gift was, and remains today, his ability to call out of each of us deeply felt teaching and learning concerns that are transformed through penetrating inquiry” (2005, p. xxi).  

This call out is echoed in each of the chapters of Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki. The following scholars, current and recent graduates of the Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia offer their experience and resonances with the writing of Aoki:
  • Amanda Fritzlan  (PhD, 2021)
  • Kshamta Hunter
  • Nicole Y. S. Lee (PhD, 2021)
  • Yu-Ling Lee (PhD, 2017)
  • Patricia Liu Baergen (PhD,2019)
  • Bruce Moghtader (PhD, 2021)
  • Margaret O’Sullivan
  • Joanne Price (PhD, 2020)
  • Anar Rajabali (PhD, 2017)
  • Jee Yeon Ryu (PhD, 2018)
  • Joanne M. Ursino
  • Lesley Wong
Interludes between each of the sections deepen the intergenerational offering of this book, with reflections by Peter P. Grimmett, Rita L. Irwin and Karen Meyer.

Book Description

This unique collection of essays from emerging and established curriculum theory scholars documents individuals’ personal encounters and lingering interactions with Ted T. Aoki and his scholarship. The work illuminates the impact of Aoki’s lifework both theoretically and experientially.

Featuring many of the field’s top scholars, the text reveals Aoki’s historical legacy and the contemporary significance of his work for educational research and practice. The influence of Aoki’s ideas, pedagogy, and philosophy on lived curriculum is vibrantly examined. Themes include tensionality, multiplicity, and bridging of difference. Ultimately, the text celebrates an Aokian “way of being” whilst engaging a diversity of perspectives, knowledges, and philosophies in education to reflect on the contribution of his work and its continual enrichment of curriculum scholarship today. Read more…

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