Peter Grimmett

Scarfe 2219


Professor Emeritus


Honoris causa University of Tampere, Finland, 2000, PhD
University of British Columbia , 1982, EdD, Education


Prior to re-joining UBC in 2011, I was at Simon Fraser University for 21 years, where I served as Associate Dean, Director of the Institute for Studies in Teacher Education, and a Faculty Senator. For three years (2007-2010) I also served as the representative of the Association of British Columbia Deans of Education (ABCDE) on the BC College of Teachers.

My scholarly interests in curriculum and pedagogy focus on how education practitioners think about their work and construct their professional knowledge and expertise. My earlier work studied how teachers use processes like reflection and action research to enhance their understanding of practice. This focus was embellished to examine how teachers’ professional commitment and identity is influenced by the socio-political-cultural contexts in which they do their work. This long-term research program has been regularly funded by SSHRC since 1985. For five years (2002-2007) I was a co-investigator of a Major Collaborative Research Initiative (funded by SSHRC) looking at the impact of policy changes on conditions of teaching in schools in five metropolitan areas of Canada (Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Vancouver). More recently, my interest has been in a post-re-conceptualist understanding of practice, focusing on the enactment of re-conceptualist curriculum discourses in classroom teaching and on the policy context that circumscribes, and often impedes, their connection to practice.

P Grimmett

Here is Peter Grimmett with three of his four children after they had just played two games of beach soccer at Spanish Banks on a wet weekend in August 2010. David, his second son (far left), had organized the Caffe Umbria team and seconded his Dad to play at the last minute when they were short. Abigail (centre right) still plays senior women’s soccer and Deborah (far right) no longer plays competitively to concentrate on her blossoming career as a pianist. Peter decided to skip the third game (he was shattered) which led to a lot of family banter. His children claimed he could no longer hack the pace. He counterclaimed that it was his soccer experience and positioning sense that had kept the team from losing. Peter lost the argument!

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Selected Publications

Last 10 years only

Grimmett, P.P.  (in progress).  Restoring soul, passion, and purpose in teacher education: Contesting the instrumentalization of curriculum and pedagogy.  Contract with Routledge.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2018).  Neo-liberalism as a prevailing force on the conditions of teacher education in Canada.  Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 64(4), 346-363.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2018).  “’Getting bruised, hurting, and dirty’ in educational leadership: Tempering the ‘leprosy’ of careerism with a sense of calling.”  In I.H. Amzat, (Ed.), Predictive models for school leadership and practices (pp. 18-42).  Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publisher.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2018).  “Canada’s ‘Trojan horse’: Labor mobility legislation concealing de-regulation and an attack on teacher professionalism and the common good.” In Hobbel, N., & Bales, B.L.  Navigating the common good in teacher education policy: Critical and international perspectives (pp. 213-224).  New York: Routledge.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2018).  Three invocations that provoke: Strangler figs, madness, and earthquakes.  In E. Haseby-Ludt & C. Leggo, (Eds.), Canadian Curriculum Studies: A Métissage of Inspiration/ Imagination/ Interconnection (pp. 96-97).  Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Grimmett, P.P., Wahl, S., & Harris, B.  (April 2018).  Report of the Degree Qualification Assessment Board (DQAB) Review panel reviewing the University of the Fraser Valley application for consent to offer in the province a Master’s of Education program in Educational Leadership and Mentorship.  Victoria, BC: Ministry of Advanced Education.

Grimmett, P.P., Ansell, J., & Schmidt, M.  (June 2017).  Report of the Degree Qualification Assessment Board (DQAB) Review panel reviewing the Gonzaga University application for consent to continue to offer in the province a Master’s of Education program in Educational Leadership and Administration.  Victoria, BC: Ministry of Advanced Education.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2017).  Questioning curriculum theory in teacher education: Nourishing and invisibly repairing the minds of researchers and teachers.  Creative Education, 8, 1124-1134.

Grimmett, P.P.  (2017).  Two groundbreaking ideas of William F. Pinar: Curriculum as complicated conversation and study as the site of education.  In M.A. Doll, (Ed.), The reconceptualization of curriculum studies: A Festschrift in honor of Professor William F. Pinar (pp. 67-75). New York, NY: Routledge.

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Hubball, H., Clarke, A., Hoon, C.H., & Grimmett, P.P. (2015). The scholarship of educational leadership in research-intensive contexts: Institutional implications for promotion and tenure supervision. Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 5 (2), 92-107.

Grimmett, P.P. (2014). Help me if you can, I’m feeling down: The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Journal of Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education, 13(2), 7-33.

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Research Projects

Last 10 years only


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) grant # 410-10-0286, $66,837 (Co-Investigator with Ann Chinnery, PI) for three year study titled: Educating for historical consciousness: Beyond the social justice/content knowledge dichotomy in teacher education


Ontario College of Teachers funding, $51,250 (with Frank Echols, UBC) to study the accreditation process for teacher education programs in the province of Ontario.


SSHRC MCRI $2.5 million for study of impact of policy on practice (with researchers from Montreal, Toronto, Québec, Saskatchewan & UBC).


BC Ministry of Education, $30,000 for study of patterns of teacher supply and demand in the province of British Columbia (with Frank Echols and Andrew Kitchenham).


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) grant # 410-95-1071, $166,000 for three-year study of how pre-service teachers develop the practice of teaching.

Students Supervised

17 PhD, 12 MA, and 45 MEd students supervised to completion. One doctoral student in progress.