Congratulations | AsianCrit in Canada Symposium

Congratulations to everyone involved in the AsianCrit in Canada Symposium. This one-day Hybrid Symposium, was held on Friday, May 13th, 2022.

Co-hosts | Drs. Sandrine Han, Fei Wang, Sunera Thobani





This knowledge mobilization event was supported by UBC Faculty of Education EMERGE grant. The knowledge mobilization is based on the book Counternarratives from Asian American Art Educators: Identities, Pedagogies, and Practice beyond the Western Paradigm. Therefore, in the morning section, we have the book authors presenting their chapters. And in the afternoon we have Canadian community leaders to speak on this topic.


Keynote | Dr. Ryan Shin | AsianCrit and Counter-Narratives in Art Education

Morning Panel presenters

  • Nicole Lee | Resisting Erasure: Art Education Stories from a Chinese Canadian Perspective
  • Yi Meng | Beyond In-Outsiders: Fostering a Creative Third Space in Art Education
  • Kevin Day | Playing the Race Card: “Asian Art” within Discussions of Contemporary Art

Keynote | Dr. Roland Sintos Coloma | Critical Race, Anticolonial, and Asian Canadian Theorizing

Afternoon Panel Presenters

  • Zool Suleman | Critical Reflections on Asian/South Asian Culture Making (1990s -2020s) through a Rungh lens
  • Enakshi Dua | AsianCrit or Critical Race Theory? Thinking How to Theorize anti-Asian racism in relation to anti-Black racism and Indigeneity
  • Rita Wong | Decolonizasian Revisited: Centring Relations with Indigenous Communities and Lands after Rita Wong

Closing Speaker | Dr. Sunera Thobani | Asian Canadian Studies: Challenges in an Age of Catastrophes