Hsiao-Cheng Sandrine Han

Scarfe 2325


Associate Professor

Visual Culture


I am an art educator. My PhD, MS, and BEd all majored in art education. My research interests are in the fields of art education, technology, semiotics, visual culture, cognitive psychology, visual communication, and visual literacy. My current research focuses on the visual culture of the virtual worlds, applying virtual world to art education. I would like to focus on how people learn from the 3D gaming world and how educators can use the 3D gaming world as an educational tool for both academic and vocational education.

I am also a practicing artist. I use my art as a communication tool to explore ideas about culture and representation. My interests include oil painting, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, multi-media and constructing, sculpturing and filming on 3D virtual worlds.

I believe a teacher is a guide who leads students through challenges, helps them find their strengths, and shows them directions for future growth. I know how essential dedicated teachers are, especially at the level of higher education. I am a dedicated teacher and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my students.

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Invited Presentations

Han, H. C. (2017). Art Education in the Era of Digital Visual Culture. Turkey Art Education Association. Ankara, Turkey, Keynote Speaker.

Han, H. C. (2011). Second Life, InAEA and Me. 3D Virtual World Workshop, Taipei, Keynote Speaker.

Selected Publications

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