UBC Virtual Family Math Fair

Each year the popular UBC Family Math and Science Day, organized by the UBC Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy and Faculty of Education, marks an exciting campus event. This year, due to our current COVID pandemic conditions, our day became a virtual event. The first Virtual Family Math Fair was held February 20, 2021 facilitated by faculty, graduate students, and teacher education candidates through Zoom.

Over 300 families with more than 500 kids from across Canada and some locations in the United States registered and participated in the event. Ten concurrent sessions– in total 40 sessions – engaged children from early years to teen years with their families to explore the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Sessions included: logic puzzles, exploring fractions with Lego blocks, Tik-Tok inspired pattern dance parties, toothpick transformation puzzles, playing with pentominoes, making and exploring hexaflexagons, paper folding puppies, exploring triangles and building with cardboard, magic numbers, card games and much much more! Some tasks are available for download here: dfr.stemnetwork.educ.ubc.ca

Thank you to all who attended and volunteered. Due to the hard work of those involved our first Virtual Family Math Fair was a great success.

Family Participant Comments:

  • “We had a great time! I had only intended to try a couple of the workshops but my daughter insisted that we did more.”
  • “I thought it was very well thought out and I love the global participation (presenters and participants). “
  • “We could have spent an hour on an activity!”
  • “Super wonderful event. Our whole family enjoyed it! Thank you so much.”

Facilitator Comments:

  • “What an amazing experience to see families working together on math. I loved every moment of this!”
  • “I learned so much about technology, collaboration, and taking math to the community. Thank you for the opportunity”
  • “Usually, I only have the chance to see my students in the classroom. What a treat to see them work on math with their siblings and family.”

The David F. Robitaille International STEM Education Network

The Family Math Fair is a project of The David F. Robitaille International STEM Education Network.

The David F. Robitaille International STEM Education Network is committed to research and community engagement for innovative, connected, holistic, and responsive ways of teaching and learning mathematics, science, and technology in education.

Our STEM research and projects reach urban and international contexts, across age levels from early childhood to adults and parents, involving in-school and out-of-school settings, and collaborating with historically under-representative communities such as Indigenous and rural communities.

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