Science, Technology, and World War II: The Case of the US Air Force

Dr. Stephen Petrina has published a major research article detailing the mobilization of science and technology for establishing independence of the US Air Force. The article which comes out of years of researching, refining, and revising data on the convergence of Operations Paperclip and LUSTY with the Air Force’s Scientific Advisory Groups during and immediately following World War II, presents a major historical case study. The article: “‘Scientific Ammunition to Fire at Congress’: Intelligence, Reparations, and the U.S. Army Air Forces, 1944–1947”, appears in the 2019 July issue of the Journal of Military History.

Petrina, S. (2019). “Scientific Ammunition to Fire at Congress:” Intelligence, reparations and the US Army Air Forces, 1944-1947. Journal of Military History, 83(3), 795-829. 

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Dr. Stephen Petrina