Schizophrenic Scholar Out for a Stroll: Multiplicities, Becomings, Conjurings


Dr. Abraham P. DeLeon | Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio

September 30, 2016

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In this presentation, Professor DeLeon departs from a traditional academic rendering and takes an interdisciplinary and fictional theoretical stroll. Engaging the works of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari as an initial entrée into thinking of the possibilities for creating a different kind of person, he begs the question: are educational theory and the social foundations two intellectual and creative traditions that can help us theorize a new subject for the next century? Utilizing a uniquely pastiche flair that dances across the humanities, Professor DeLeon argues that a utopian spirit must be imagined within education to counter the complex networks that neoliberal capitalism reproduces. Keenly avoiding recuperative traps, he argues for the development of an imaginative approach in rethinking educational, social, economic and political realities. Professor DeLeon ends the paper in the throngs of an imaginary becoming, conjuring an alternative subjectivity rooted in the mulitiplicities of everyday life.

Short Bio
Abraham P. DeLeon is an Assistant Professor in the Social Foundations at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research interests are situated within educational theory and philosophy, rethinking and theorizing alternative educational practices and realities. Professor DeLeon’s larger intellectual project is connected to a rigorous social and cultural critique that is truly interdisciplinary. His teaching pushes students to challenge their own assumptions about what is pedagogically possible and the role(s) of education in a diverse and democratic society. His publications have emerged in various peer-reviewed journals and edited books and he published Machines with Information Age Publishing in 2015.