Interactions in the Classroom: Tensions Between Understanding and Difficulties in Learning Mathematics

Dr. Lucie De Blois, Visiting Professor, Laval University

Date: March 4, 2015
Time: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
Venue: Scarfe room 310

Our research on interpretation of pupil’s cognitive activities in mathematics (DeBlois, 2003; 2014) and on teacher sensibility towards pupil’s errors (DeBlois, 2006, 2009) showed the emergence of tensions in a class (DeBlois, 2014 in press). We hypothesize that a variety of pupil’s difficulties emerge from interactions in class (DeBlois, 2008, 2012). We chose to enter into this study by the way of behavior of pupils: anxiety, agitation and task avoidance.

In this way, we observed how to help students learn problem solving rather than helping pupils organize an approach to problem solving conducts to develop habits which «algorithmize» or «socialize» knowledge.

Short Bio:
Dr. Lucie De Blois is a Full Professor who has worked in the Department of Studies of Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Educational Science at Laval University (Québec City) since 1995. Dr. DeBlois teaches preservice and inservice elementary and secondary teachers in mathematics education. She is a member of the Centre for Research on Intervention and Academic Success at Laval University (CRIRES).

Her research, conducted with the primary and secondary students, aims to improve our comprehension of the development of understanding in mathematics. These studies have contributed to the development of a model for the interpretation of cognitive activities of students, providing benefits for the teaching of mathematics. This model is currently used to study different situations that allow teachers to be more responsive when assessing their mathematics students’ understandings.

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