“I Love the Terror in A Mother’s Heart”: Stepping Out of the Fray as a Radical Pedagogical Act

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Dr. David Jardine, University of Calgary

September 11 | 12:30 to 2:00 pm | Scarfe 310

Sandwiches and informal conversation at 12:00 noon | The seminar commences at 12:30 pm.

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Within the confines of educational theory and practice, things are becoming, once again, both moribund and panicky, and little is to be done within this fray that won’t simply exhaust attention and devotion. In this talk, I will muse on how curriculum theory needs to step out of this fray, but also turn towards it. This stepping and turning, I suggest, is a radical act and is the reckoning of those entering the orbit of scholarly work.

David W. Jardine is a writer and teacher and all-round nice guy. Recent books include Ecological Pedagogy, Buddhist Pedagogy, Hermeneutic Pedagogy: Experiments in a Curriculum for Miracles (with Jackie Seidel) and On the Pedagogy of Suffering: Hermeneutic and Buddhist Meditations (with Christopher Gilham and Graham McCaffrey). Stay tuned. There’s two more brewing as we speak.