Congratulations to Dr. Karen Meyer on Her Retirement

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in extending sincere thanks and gratitude for what Dr. Karen Meyer has contributed to our Department, Faculty of Education and The University of British Columbia over the years.

Dr. Karen Meyer has served in many capacities including Director of CCFI, Acting Department Head as well as Deputy Head, Director of the famous Urban Learner Cohort that lasted for over 10 years and of course one of the highly regarded teachers (Professors) in this Faculty. Most recently, Dr. Karen Meyer was a key instructor in the Dadaab Refugee Camp Teacher Education Program as well as a co-Investigator on a parallel SSHRC funded research project dubbed “Living, Leaning and Teaching in Dadaab Refugee Camp”, the consequence of which has resulted in the Department securing approval from the DNSO and University to hire a new faculty with expertise in Refugee Education.

Dr. Karen Meyer retires at the end of this month, December 31, 2020. Join me in wishing Dr. Meyer a happy and active retirement and allow me to extend to her an open welcome back to the Department any time she wishes.

THANK YOU KAREN for all the support and wise counsel.


Dr. Samson Nashon, EdD
Department Head & Professor of Science Education