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Master of Education (MEd) in Home Economics (HEEL)

Online cohort, 2013


Current Occupation

Human Ecology Teacher


How was your experience with your UBC Home Economics program?

The UBC Home Economics, Masters of Education Cohort gave me the opportunity to work with other Home Economics teachers from all over Canada. The collaborative nature of the program was inspiring and enlightened me on the Canadian landscape of Human Ecology Education.

I was able to use my own prior knowledge and experience as a Human Ecology teacher, while building a new teaching approaches and future research opportunities.

How did your UBC Home Economics program help you in your career?

My research project allowed me to explore constructivism as a theory of learning and study implications of adopting this theory for teaching specifically in home economics foods and nutrition classes. My new understanding and experiences through the UBC Home Economics program gave me the confidence to propose new programming in schools that was widely adopted after my pilot project.

Even after graduation, I continue to stay connected with other students from the program and they have become a great sounding board for new and innovative ideas in Home Economics Education.

What do you love most about the field of Home Economics?

I love that Home Economics is an applied, dynamic field that evolves with the changing needs of families and communities. To ensure the wellbeing, sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation of our societies we need the skills and knowledge of Home Economists.


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