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Master of Education (MEd) in Home Economics (HEEL)

Online cohort, 2018


Current Occupation



How was your experience with your UBC Home Economics program?

I enjoyed every moment in the UBC Home Economics program. I felt support and guidance every step of the way. The Profesors and fellow students were all understanding and helpful.

How did your UBC Home Economics program help you in your career?

As a teacher, this program has helped me to further develop my curriculum and lesson plans. I am able understand how to connect my students to the changing world we live in. I did my final paper on the development and changes in the Family Studies curriculum, which is helping me create my own program which aligns with the new provincial curriculum. I not only gained an underdstanding of content but grew in my teaching methodology.

The field of Home Economics has evolved – what is your message to prospective students about the value and relevancy of this field today?

Home Economics is not limited to teaching students in a classroom. Home Economics helps everyone better understand the world we live in. As a sociologist it teaches us about human connections, which applies to every field. People in the business field, espeically marketing, can learn how to connect to the changing world we live in.

What do you love most about the field of Home Economics?

My favourite part of Home Economics is how it explores the unit of family and socialization. As an educator a large part of my job is socializing the students. Studying family is interesting because cultures and societies around the globe and throughout time have had some form of family unit. The idea of family is one that ties human behaviour though the notions of what a family looks like may differ for different people.


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