11th Indigenous Math Symposium | Virtual 2022


Welcome to the 11th Indigenous Math Symposium | May 12 & May 19, 2022

Session 1 | Thursday May 12 3:30 – 4:45 PT

Resilient Mathematical Communities for Well-Being: Métis scholar, mathematics educator and University of Alberta Vice-Provost (Indigenous Programming and Research) Dr. Florence Glanfield will share her experiences of building communities across diverse contexts.

Session 2 | Thursday May 19 3:30 – 4:45 PT

Igniting the Sparkle Circle Sharing: Teaching mathematics with Indigenous perspectives, practices, and pedagogies: What are we learning?

This symposium is an opportunity for teachers, administrators, Ministry representatives, community members, and academics to connect, explore, imagine and share new ideas, resources and research on Indigenous mathematics education from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Together we hope to:

  • Learn about new research in mathematics and Indigenous education
  • Discuss and share approaches, research and educational projects for improving Indigenous math education
  • Develop community connections to facilitate and support improving Indigenous math education

For more information visit the Indigenous math Network website: indigenous.mathnetwork.educ.ubc.ca

* Please direct questions about the symposium to: Dr. Cynthia Nicol


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* Registration is now closed for Session 2 | Thursday May 19 (free student registration is full).
* Registration for Session 2 | Thursday May 19th, is still open.


  • registration is $10 + GST non-refundable
  • limited free registration for students

* Please direct questions about the symposium to: Dr. Cynthia Nicol