Seminars – 2008 and 2009



10/19/2009 Teachers’ Playground: Enhancing Teacher Professional Development through the Use of Technology
Speaker: Dr. M. Milner-Bolotin (Ryserson University)
10/01/2009 Seminar Presentations by North East Normal University Professors
Speakers: Drs. Y. Qin, G. Li, R. Ding, F. Kong, X. Gai
09/24/2009 Forget the Movie Juno! Using Art and Photography with Pregnant Teens in a Community Shelter: Issues for Teachers and Researchers
Dr. Sandra Weber (Concordia University)
03/26/2009 Examined Life
Screening and Dialgoue with Director Astra Taylor
Co-sponsored by the Faculties of Education and Arts
02/19/2009 Learning about Students’ Mathematics Thinking and Visual Representations: Teacher Talk Paths in Elementary Lesson Study
Dr. Aki Murata (Stanford University in California, USA)



11/19/2008 Coyote and Raven Talk about Pedagogy, Indigeneity and Curriculum
Speaker: Dr. Peter Cole (University College of the North)
11/17/2008 Troubling Place: Urban Native Youths’ Perspective of Place and Implications for Education
Speaker: Dr. Tracy Friedel (University of Alberta)
10/30/2008 Taking a Life: A Study of Post-Critical Feminist Methodologies in Biographical Research
Dr. Paula Salvio (University of New Hampshire)
04/01/2008 What is Learning?
Speakers: Dr. Carl Wieman (Professor & Director of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at UBC), Dr. Brent Davis (Professor and David Rotitaille Chair in Math, Science & Technology Education)
02/26/2008 The Chatamilu Primary School Project: Creating a Place for Education in Western Kenya
Dr. Samson Nashon