Mapping A/r/tography Exhibition Catalogue

Congratulations to Dr Rita L. Irwin, Principal Investigator and Nicole Y.S. Lee, Editor and Curator on the publication of the Mapping A/r/tography: Exhibition Catalogue, InSEA 2019 World Congress


The Mapping A/r/tography Exhibition was held at The University of British Columbia during the InSEA 2019 World Congress. This exhibition featured ongoing artistic, pedagogical, and scholarly works from the federally funded Mapping A/r/tography partnership, a network of international scholars engaging in a/r/tographic walking as inquiry and cartographies of transnational storytelling. Artists, researchers, and teachers engage in movement, broadly defined, and the critical creation of images, performances, and texts. The works reflect our collective imaginary of proactive cultural exchange and relationship building through a/r/tographic encounters.




Publication | Mapping A/r/tography: Exhibition Catalogue, InSEA 2019 World Congress

Project | Mapping A/r/tography: Transnational Storytelling across Historical and Cultural Routes of Significance
Principal Investigator | Dr. Rita L. Irwin

Editor and Curator | Nicole Y.S. Lee

Exhibition Contributors | Alicia Arias-Camisón Coello, Kwang Dae Chung (Mitsy), Jun Hu, Satoshi Ikeda, Minori Inoue, Rita L. Irwin, Toshio Ishii, Rana Jreidini, Koichi Kasahara, Minako Kayama, Kayoko Komatsu, Rocío Lara-Osuna, Alexandra Lasczik, Nicole Y.S. Lee, Ricardo Marín-Viadel, Kazuji Mogi, Ken Morimoto, Marzieh Mosavarzadeh, Paloma Palau-Pellicer, Joaquín Roldán, Anita Sinner, Takashi Takao, Soko Takemaru, Joanne Ursino, Anna Varea, Susana Vargas, and Elly Yazdanpanah

Graphic Design | Kirsty Robbins

The Mapping A/r/tography Publication is available to view at the following links: