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Performance ethnography
Women’s life histories
Writing Practices
Arts-based research


Karen V. Lee, Ph.D. is Lecturer, Faculty Advisor, Area Coordinator, and co-founder of the Teaching Initiative for Music Educators cohort (TIME), at the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B. C., Canada. Her research interests include issues of memoir, autoethnography, poetic inquiry, performance ethnography, creative-relational inquiry, women’s life histories, writing practices, music/teacher education, and arts-based approaches to qualitative research. Her doctoral dissertation was a book of short stories titled Riffs of Change: Musicians Becoming Music Educators. She is teacher, writer, musician, teacher/music educator, and researcher. Currently, she teaches undergraduate and graduate students at the university in both traditional and online contexts alongside her academic and scholarly writing pursuits. In 2020, she received the Killam Teaching prize.

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Selected Publications

Lee, K.V. (2021).  Niloo:  Flight 752. Journal of Autoethnography, 2(3). https://doi.org/10.1424/joae.2021.2.3.317

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Research Projects

Music: What is means to us, and why: A pragmatic approach for music education – (Dr. J. Imhoff, co-researcher)

Courses Taught

EDCP 210:  Introduction to Music Education

EDUC 450B;  Inquiry 1

EDUC 451B:  Inquiry 2

EDUC 315A. (Practicum supervision)

EDUC 421:  (Practicum supervision)

EDUC 430:  (CFE)

EDCP 505

MUED 508

BU MU 735

ETEC 532

MUED 321