Curricular Ideologies in the Discussion and Negotiation of the Chilean Social Studies Curriculum

Sept 26 | 12:00 – 1:00pm | Scarfe 1209
Renato Gazmuri, PhD, Assistant Professor at Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)
Organized by the Institute for Critical Education Studies

Dr. Gazmuri will discuss his research on the construction of the social studies curriculum in Chile. The Chilean social studies curriculum has been defined through processes of discussion and negotiation between diverse actors and institutions with different views on the subject. In order to identify and describe these ideologies, a sequential and recursive methodological device was designed and applied in three stages of production and analysis of information: a documentary compilation around three curricular events of debate and negotiation, application of questionnaires, and interviews. At each stage a content analysis was performed. Five curriculum ideologies are identified and described, considering their assumptions about how the curriculum should define the subject matter, as well what its aims, contents and its guidelines for teaching.