Alumni Profiles | Kelli Wolfe-Enslow














Master of Education (MEd) in Home Economics (HEEL)

Online cohort, 2014


Current Occupation

Lead O2 and Co-op Teacher


How was your experience with your UBC Home Economics program?

My BEd experience at UBC was enlightening and started me on a path of self-awareness. I met amazing people and developed relationships that will last a life time.

How did your UBC Home Economics program help you in your career?

The program has provided me with teaching experience at post-secondary level and I have a collaborative opportunity with Dr Mia Russell from John Hopkins University.

The field of Home Economics has evolved – what is your message to prospective students about the value and relevancy of this field today?

It is a very important field to be involved in because it is a vital part of our society to be aware of the evolving field of home economics by establishing that the core ideology of students developing practical skills and understanding the attitudes for everyday life as individuals and family members

What do you love most about the field of Home Economics?

I love that we can teach skills that are essential to prepare students to be productive citizens to carry on the care and compassion for future generations.



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