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Master of Education (MEd) in Home Economics (HEEL)

Online cohort, 2021


Current Occupation

Secondary School Home Economics Teacher


How was your experience with your UBC Home Economics program?

I have had the privilege of completing my B.Ed and M.Ed at UBC, both programs specializing in Home Economics. The Bachelor of Education program was an introduction to the profession, delving into the significance of the past, present, and future of Home Economics curriculum and pedagogy. The Human Ecology and Everyday Life (HEEL) program enriched my own understanding of my personal and professional practice, while providing the flexibility and balance as a full-time educator. The online nature of the program allowed for open dialogue with a diverse group of educators across the province, country, and the globe. It was a rewarding opportunity to broaden and develop my perspective as a teacher-practitioner within food literacy education.

How did your UBC Home Economics program help you in your career?

I didn’t truly feel equipped with the language used to navigate my own practice until my graduate studies. My dialogue and readings during the HEEL program have truly brought my attention to how language is not only used within our profession by stakeholders, but also how it can be perceived by students, other educators, administration, parents, and the public eye. As part of my food literacy pedagogy, I strive to encourage students to develop their own informed food philosophies, incorporating both their own culture and experiences, as well as embracing the diverse worldviews of others.

The field of Home Economics has evolved – what is your message to prospective students about the value and relevancy of this field today?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a positive resurgence of highlighting what individuals do in the home. In what other profession do you speak about the everyday, focusing on the health and wellness of the individual, family, and community? The profession embraces many disciplines, including Food, Textiles, and Family Studies where individuals come together from diverse backgrounds, sharing their own perspectives. Not only do I believe that individuals should be engaged within their day to day, but it is /how/ individuals engage with the world around them that can spark action.

What do you love most about the field of Home Economics?

My personal passions lie within food literacy education as there is always some way to connect with others through the medium of food. I believe that every individual should be equipped with the tools and skills needed to navigate today’s complex food system and to find personal, meaningful connection with the food that they prepare and eat. As a Home Economics educator, I have an amazing opportunity to connect students to their own cultural experiences, to local and global food systems, and critical issues related to food.


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