Ad hoc Committee on Technology, Instruction and Communication (EDCP-ACTIC)

Dear Colleagues,

The impact of COVID-19 on delivery of courses and summer institutes has made it necessary for EDCP to form an ad hoc committee to consult on a way forward in these areas. Specifically the committee will address how we can quickly respond to requests for feedback on guidelines from the University, Faculty and other stakeholders. As you know ETS is trying its best to work with faculty to move programs and courses to online. But with a lean staff, it is unlikely they will be able to address all of our needs and hence the need for this new committee in our Department to support our EDCP colleagues whose needs may not be prioritized by ETS yet very important. The name of the committee is EDCP-Ad hoc Committee on Technology, Instruction and Communication (EDCP-ACTIC). The committee membership is comprised of the following EDCP colleagues:

EDCP-Ad hoc Committee on Technology, Instruction and Communication (EDCP-ACTIC)


  • David Anderson & Kerry Renwick, Co-chairs
  • Douglas Adler
  • Jillianne Code
  • Peter Gouzouasis
  • Shannon Leddy
  • Marina Milner-Bolotin
  • Cynthia Nicol
  • Stephen Petrina
  • Student Rep: Peisen Ding (Peer Advisor)
  • Staff Support: Kalie Fong, Kirsty Robbins & Fred Brown

The committee will be an advisory body to the Head’s Advisory Committee (HAC), which comprises: Department Head, Deputy Head, Graduate Coordinator, Undergraduate Coordinator and Administrative Manager.

Download Terms of Reference for the EDCP-ACTIC here

Best, Samson.

Dr. Samson Nashon, EdD
Department Head & Professor of Science Education