16th Canadian Symposium – Highlights


The Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy hosted the 16th Canadian Symposium – Home Economics on February 27– 28, 2021. The Canadian Symposium on Home Economics Education has been held biennially since 1991 in various locations across Canada. This was the 30 year anniversary.

Attended by over 70 delegates the Canadian Symposium on Home Economics continues to grow in its representation of Canadian home economists as well as increasingly drawing in international home economics academics and practitioners.

Usually offered in a location across Canada 2021, this year was the first virtual symposium due to COVID-19. No country has remained unaffected by the pandemic. Everyday practices of personal hygiene especially hand washing, as well as social distancing and wearing face masks are our new normal.

The focus of the Symposium has been to provide a forum for sharing information and research, and action planning to strengthen home economics/family studies/human ecology/family and consumer science education. During this pandemic the need for home economics knowledges, skills and practices has been brought to the fore. The symposium also provided an opportunity to:

  • share the insights and experiences of our work under difficult circumstances;
  • honour Dr. Lila Engberg and her work on home economics and it contribution to
  • development education and global education; and
  • rethink and extend Dr. Elenore Vaine’s work around home economics and her conceptualisation of ecology.

Beginning with a keynote presentation by Dr. Shannon Leddy, Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy speaking on “Developing Decolonial Literacy: Transformative Learning through Encounters with Art”, additional presentations across the program included social Justice; design and sustainability; Our practices in the time of COVID; and Food Literacy.

Congratulations to Dr. Kerry Renwick, Joseph Tong, Melissa Edstrom and everyone involved in the successful 16th Canadian Symposium.

For more information visit | ca-symposium.com