Music, You, and Young Learners: An Interactive Workshop by Dr. Gouzouasis

Peter Gouzouasis, Professor in Music Education and Deputy Head of Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy shared a research based, hands-on workshop in early childhood music on July 15, 2016.

The workshop entitled “Music, You, and Young Learners: An Interactive Workshop” was sponsored by the Institute for Early Childhood Education & Research (IECER) as part of their summer brown bag series. Professor Gouzouasis talked about research informed practices that were developed in the 1980s.

The early childhood music research and practical work of Donald Pond and Gladys Evelyn Moorehead, of the late 1940s, was long forgotten when interests were renewed by a generation of graduate students who studied with Professor Edwin Gordon at Temple University and Professor Barbara Andress at Arizona State University. Dr. Gouzouasis had an opportunity to study with these pioneer researcher-practitioners  and will share some of the ideas that work has generated the past 3 decades.

Watch the presentation video (courtesy of the Office of Research in Education, Faculty of Education).