Student Spotlight Archive

Student Spotlight: Jeff Baker

Jeff’s doctoral research explores the transformative possibilities of Indigenous Science Education for catalyzing the emergence of more equitable and sustainable ways of living. Jeff was recently appointed an Assistant Professor and Chair in Aboriginal Education at the University of Saskatchewan.
Jeff Baker, PhD Student

Student Spotlight: Adrienne Boulton-Funke

My research attends to the methodological possibilities of Deleuze and Guattari’s concepts within arts-based educational research. My research explores film as a provocative and pedagogical mode of inquiry to consider the material and discursive qualities of becoming with teacher candidates.
Adrienne Boulton-Funke, PhD student

Student Spotlight: Chris Campbell

How do undergraduate engineering programs shape the thinking and dispositions of linguistically and culturally diverse learners? Still a work in progress, my research project aims to find answers in places where ‘traditional’ engineering disciplinary knowledge and ‘soft’ skills meet.
Chris Campbell, PhD student

Student Spotlight: Guopeng Fu

My research focuses on the notion of “human agency” and how it plays itself out on Chinese high school physics teachers in the context of curriculum reform. I am especially interested in how teachers can act “otherwise” among the many reform mandates.
Guopeng Fu, PhD student

Student Spotlight: James Gauthier

I am interested in do-it-yourself approaches to science and technology education. My research explores collaborative, non-proprietary, open source initiatives that stress freedom in design — initiatives that seek to interrogate traditional definitions of technology, literacy, designer, user and community.
James Gauthier, PhD student

Student Spotlight: Michelle Gautreaux

My research explores the effects of neoliberal education reform in marginalized communities in Chicago and focuses primarily on how teachers, parents, students, and community organizations come together to resist school closings, high-stakes testing, and other manifestations of such reform.

Michelle Gautreaux, PhD Student

Student Spotlight: Jiao Ji

Jiao Ji is a PhD Candidate in EDCP. Her research project aims to explore the terrain of Science Museum Education with particular focus on Chinese science museum educators’self-concept of their roles, concerns and professional desires.
Jiao Ji, PhD Student

Student Spotlight: Steven Khan

General question: How might I mindfully engage myself & others in forming & performing ethical relationships among different & diverse peoples, places, thoughts & things through intervulnerability, mythopoethics & mathematics-education?
Steven Khan, PhD student