Interview – Dr. Linda Farr Darling

Dr. Linda Farr Darling, Associate Professor Emerita

“We can see how powerfully the fates of rural communities are tied to the success of their schools and to students who can take on the challenges of our increasingly fragile planet beginning with the local ones. The environmental, socio-cultural, and economic sustainability of these rural communities, their vitality and viability, partly depends on what and how well our children are taught, and what and how well their teachers are taught before them. Is teacher education up to the task?”

Research Interests:
As the Eleanor Rix Professor of Rural Teacher Education, Dr. Darling’s research focuses on the relationship of schools to rural revitalization, and possibilities for innovative teaching in rural classrooms. In 2013 she was recognized by BC Deans of Education as the Teacher Educator of the Year for her efforts to bring rurally-responsive curriculum and pedagogy to teacher preparation. She also contributes to research in early childhood education focused on moral understandings in young children.

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