Tim Waddington

Scarfe 1326D



Philosophy or Education, History of Educational Thought, Imaginative Education (IE), existentialism and ethics, Indigenous Education, Vygotsky, Socio-Cultural Theory


Simon Fraser University, 2015, PhD
Simon Fraser University, 2005, MEd
Simon Fraser University, 1996, BEd


Dr. Tim Waddington has over twenty years’ experience as a public school educator and advocate for children and youth. With advanced degrees in Education Leadership and the Philosophy of Education, Tim infuses a rich and creative understanding of Imaginative Education into both his teaching and research. Dr. Waddington currently holds a position Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at UBC as well as an Associate Directorship with the Imaginative Education Research Group based at Simon Fraser University. Tim is passionate about intellectually rigorous and emotionally engaging curriculum, with expertise in the subject areas of History, Literature and the Humanities, particularly as it pertains to Philosophic and Ironic Understandings. His ongoing research is centered upon theories of imagination, irony, ethics in curriculum, and possible existential outcomes for both teachers and learners alike.

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Invited Presentations

Refereed Conference Presentations

Waddington, Tim. Beyond Student Centeredness: From Idea-Centeredness to Irony. Presented at The IERG Institute 3rd Annual Research Symposium. Richmond, BC, July 2008.

Waddington, Tim. Beyond Student Centeredness: Creating Spaces in an Idea-Centered Classroom. Presented at The 5th International Conference on Imagination and Education. Vancouver, BC, July 2007.

Refereed Paper Symposia

McLaughlin, Sean and Waddington, Tim. Gender and Achievement through the Sociocultural Lens. Presented at The IERG Institute 3rd Annual Research Symposium. Richmond, BC, July 2008.

Selected Publications

Blenkinsop, Sean & Waddington, Tim. 2014. Self-Deception in the Classroom:Educational Manifestations of Sartre’s Concept of Bad Faith. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 46 (14), 1511-1521. Print.

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Waddington, Tim and Johnson, James. “Imaginative Education and the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools: Practical Implementations for Promoting Ethical Understanding.” International Research Handbook on Values Education and Student Wellbeing. Eds. Terence Lovat, Ron Toomey and Neville Clement. London: Springer Media, 2010. 559-577. Print.

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