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Congratulations and Welcome to Dr. Stella Maris Namae

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations and welcome to Dr. Stella Maris Namae, for her joint appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Black Canadian Studies under the Supervision of David Lam Chair, Professor Annette Henry, and in Media & Technology Studies, under the Supervision of Professor Stephen Petrina. Stella completed her PhD in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy in 2020, through dissertation research titled “Status and Use of Information & Communication Technology in Uganda Secondary Schools: Teachers’ Competencies, Challenges, Dispositions, and Perceptions.” Dr. Namae has longstanding expertise in K-12 administration, curriculum, and teaching within public and Catholic school systems. As a research associate, Dr. Namae’s postdoctoral research focuses on experiences of Black Canadians from North American, Caribbean, and African backgrounds living in Vancouver for a SSHRC-funded Black oral history digital archive and on experiences of children, youth, and teachers for a SSHRC-funded How We Learn (Media & Technology across the Lifespan) project.

Best, Samson.

Dr. Samson Nashon, EdD
Department Head & Professor of Science Education

LEBLANC, Natalie

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

NAMAE, Stella

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Zhao, Jennifer

Postdoctoral Research Fellow