Peter Gouzouasis

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Music media and related technologies from an Aristotelan perspective
the design and function of arts-based educational research (especially in artography)


Peter Gouzouasis is an Associate Professor of Music Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at The University of British Columbia. Dr. Gouzouasis is a lifelong learner of music and media, and considers himself a serious student of guitar and other fretted instruments and performance in jazz, North American folk, Celtic, and Greek music contexts.

Over his 22 years at UBC, Dr. Gouzouasis’s work has evolved through three related strands. A lifelong commitment to music and an amodernist philosophical orientation are the foundations of his research program and provide strong conceptual links. Gouzouasis considers pedagogy as the art of both teaching and learning, informed by theory, praxis, poesis, phonesis and sofia.

Dr. Gouzouasis’ FAME (Fine Arts and new Media in Education) cohort ran from 2000-2010 in the Faculty of Education. FAME was the first group of students to go 24/7 with laptop wireless technologies at UBC and in NVSD4 schools, and in North America (see publications below). In 2003, Dr. Gouzouasis received the the Sam Black Award for Excellence in Education and Development in the Visual and Performing Arts.

Most recently, Dr. Gouzouasis has been working on a series of studies that examine factors in arts participation and academic achievement of students in British Columbia. The overall objective of this research is to learn about various factors, relationships, and differences in academic, social and arts (music, visual art, drama & dance) achievement of all students across BC (see publications below). This research uses quantitative methods to analyze a large data set to predict the differences between academic achievement in language, mathematics, and science of students who participate in arts programs and those who have no involvement with the arts in secondary school.

In November 2011, Peter’s first edited book, Pedogogy in a New Tonality, was released by Sense Publishers. Any teacher interested in teacher inquiry, arts-based educational research action research, and creative applications of tactics, strategies, graphics organizers, and visual journals across the K–12 curriculum should read this exciting text.

Invited Presentations

This past July 2011 Dr. Gouzouasis was a Distinguished Lecturer at Beijing Normal University in The PRC, where he performed lectures and demonstrations with graduate and undergraduate students, as well as preschool children, in early childhood music education.

Selected Publications

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Conference proceedings

A Baroque concerto: An a/r/tographical interplay of voices researching education and the arts. This presentation and paper explores the significance of a/r/tography in educational inquiry and practice. With Rita Irwin, Kit Grauer, Sylvia Kind, and Carl Leggo (Presented at the American Education Research Association Conference, 2005). The performance may be found at




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