Kit M Grauer

Scarfe 2227


Associate Professor Emerita

Teacher Education
Museum Education
New Media
Art Education


Kit Grauer is actively involved in art education organizations at the local, national, and international levels. Dr. Grauer’s interests include arts-based and image-based research, international issues in art education, teacher education, museum education, and art curriculum and instruction. She has given numerous presentations, in-service sessions, and keynote speeches in these areas. Her current research includes the use of artistic pedagogical strategies in both preservice and in-service teacher education, museum education, and community-based new media education.

Dr. Grauer is heavily involved with the graduate program in art education and the teacher education program at UBC and is now focusing her teaching in the secondary art teacher education program, (smART), the elementary program (The Margaret Grauer, Teaching from the HeART cohort), summer institutes featuring collaborative courses with the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Museum of Anthropology, and off-campus MEd programs such as the Burnaby Visual and Performing Arts Cohort.

In recent years, Kit Grauer has been awarded the NAEA/BC Art Educator Award; the NAEA Pacific Region Art Education Award; the UBC Killam Teaching Excellence Award; the Alma Mater Society”Just Desserts” service award; the CSEA Gaitskell Award, InSEA Honorary Life Member, UBC Sam Black Award for Education and Development in the Arts, USSEA Ziegfeld International Award, AERA Award for Best Publication in an Electronic Journal, George Cedric Metcalf Foundation Award for Excellence in Research, UBC Murray Elliot Award for Teacher Education, MICA Master Teacher Award, BCATA Higher Education Teacher of the Year, NAEA Fellow and the Canadian Art Educator of the Year.

Invited Presentations


2014             National Higher Education Award lecture; NAEA; San Diego, United States

2012            June King McFee Award lecture; NAEA; New York, United States

2006            Investigating Curriculum Integration, the Arts and Diverse Learning Environments; UNESCO World Summit on Arts Education; LISBON, Lisboa, Portugal; Copresenters: R. Irwin, C. Leggo, P. Gouzouasis

2006            The City of Richgate: Rhizomatic Relations of Possibility; Presented To: University of British Columbia; Lecture at the Faculty of Education; Copresenters: G. Xiong, B. Bickel, R. Irwin


2011            Closing Keynote, Teaching English through the Arts, University of Pinar; Cuba

2008            Tensions and transformation; Mesa de Abertura: Educação para as Artes

Selected Publications

Grauer, K., J. C. Castro and C. Lin. ‘Encounters with difference: Community-based new media programs and practices’. Studies in Art Education. 52.2 (2012): 139 – 152.


 Lin, C., K. Grauer and J. C. Castro. ‘”There is nothing else to do but make films:” Urban youth participation at a film and television school’. International Journal of Education & the Arts. 12.SI 1.8 (2011): Available at


 Ruth, B. and K. Grauer. ‘Catch and release: Artworks inspiring insight into environmental issues’. International Journal of Education through Art. 8.3 (2012): 349 – 360.


 Lin, C., J. Castro, A. Sinner and K. Grauer. ‘Toward a dialogue between new media arts programs in and out of schools’. Canadian Art Teachers (Spring 2011).

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Grauer, K. ‘My mother wore pink’. Visual Arts Research. 32.1 (2006): 85 – 95.


Grauer, K., S. Kind, R. Irwin and A. de Cosson. ‘Enlightened literacy’. BC Educational Leadership Research. (2005).


Research Projects

2013-2017            Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC); Trading Routes: Grease Trails, Oil Pipelines”, is a Research/Creation project focused on the intersecting geographies of aboriginal trade routes, the Coast Salish “grease trails,” and the proposed Alberta-British Columbia oil pipeline.$310,803CDN; Principal Investigator: R. Beer; Co-investigators: K. Grauer, G. Lowery

2012-2015            Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC); Citizens of Tomorrow: Investigating the Impact of Community Media Arts Practice on Marginalized Urban Youth; NC; $215340CDN; Principal Investigator: K. Grauer; Co-investigators: J. C. Castro, R. Beer

2009-2012            Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC); Catch and Release: mapping stories of geographic and cultural transition; C; $169000CDN; Principal Investigator: R. Beer; Co-investigators: K. Grauer, J. Budd