Hartley Banack

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Alternative Education, Community-based Education, Curriculum Development, Epistemology, Experiential Education, Outdoor Education, Philosophy of Education, Physical Education, Poetry Education, Science Education, Senior Education, Sociology of Education, Special Needs Education, Teacher Education


Simon Fraser University, 2010, PhD in Education
Simon Fraser University, 2004, MA in Education
Simon Fraser University, 2000, BEd in Education
Simon Fraser University, 1999, Teacher’s Certificate
Trent University, 1993, BSc in Biology and Geography


I grew up in Toronto in a family and community that practiced Jewish family values, yet I do not practice any faith (spiritually or politically), beyond what might be called faith to a will to support and help develop some sense of what I have read the Cree call, being alive well. I feel that much of my life’s work and choices sustain such a claim.

I arrived in Vancouver permanently in 1999. Other than Canada, I have lived in Chile and Costa Rica,y puedo hablar el espanol, ya un poco oxidado. I am a father, partner, son, brother, friend, colleague, educator, and community member. I have always volunteered, mostly with children with disabilities, and continue to do so with Wild About Vancouver Outdoor Education Festival (www.wildaboutvancouver.com) and Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (www.vass.ca) helping people learn to alpine ski.

I love to ski, cycle, paddle, hike, play ultimate, skate, strum guitar, read poetry and philosophy, philosophize, cook, garden, play chess, MacGyver, and make others smile. I have been an outdoor educator since my mid-teens – initially, leading backcountry wilderness trips as a guide, then running outdoor/physical education/camp programs as an administrator and Executive Director. I have worked with a wide range of community-based, non-profit programs and services.

I am rather passionate about outdoor education, and I am attempting to live more ‘locally’ (whatever that might mean), and explore this in my approach to outdoor education. I know myself to be an educator, philosopher, poet, and fierce advocate by nature. I hold a BC teaching certificate from SFU, and have taught with various age groups and indistinct educational settings, including pre-school, elementary school, high school, post-secondary school, and with adults and seniors.

My educational pursuits also include a Master’s (Diversity in Curriculum and Instruction) and a Ph.D. (Curriculum Theory and Implementation), both from SFU.

I have enjoyed participating in experiences with some fairly radical work teams, which have significantly (in)formed my “ways” of teamwork and learning. I am rather open to diversity, difference, and making meaning through sharing and participation. I have learned that outdoor quests are not about the summit, but rather a journey.

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Invited Presentations

Banack, H. (2015). Local outdoor education towards child-friendly urban development, a sense of place, and geographies of locality. Paper to be presented at the 4th International Children’s Geographies Conference. San Diego, CA.

Banack, H. (2015). Sustainability through outdoor education teacher reform. Education for Sustainability in Higher Education – Achievements and Prospects. Plymouth, UK.

Banack, H. (2014) Promoting Diversity In Outdoor Recreation: Creating A Welcoming Environment For All Communities. The Mountaineers Leadership Conference, Seattle, WA.

Banack, H. (2013). Reciprocity, Trust and Community Partnerships. Walking the Community Engagement Talk: A Celebration of Partnerships in the Faculty of Arts, CIR:CLE, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC.

Banack, H. (2012). Guest Speaker. City Studio, Vancouver, BC.

Banack, H. (2007). Riverine: An Exploration of States of Matter, Nature of Confusion and Education. Paper presented at the annual GSCOPE conference, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Banack, H., Bai, H. and Groves, P. (2007). Institutional Repository Project. Panel presented at the annual Education with/out Borders Symposium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

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Banack, H & H. Bai. (2007). And So Castles Made of Sand Slip Into the Sea Eventually: An Exploration of complexity, states of matter, confusion and play. Paper presentation at the annual Complexity Science and Educational Research Conference, Vancouver, BC, UBC.

Banack, H. Broom, C. & Bai, H. (2006). Faux-Connaitre: Getting It and Not Getting It – A Dialogue on Foucault. Panel presented at the annual Education with/out Borders Symposium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Banack, H. Ling, M., Rutenberg, C. (2006). Seeing the Meta-Forrest Through the Analo-Trees: Educational Metaphors. Panel presented at the annual Education with/out Borders Symposium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Banack, H. & C. Bingham (2006). In-Corp-Us: Education as Corporal. Panel presented at the annual Education with/out Borders Symposium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

Bai, H., Banack, H., Gova, A., Provençal, J., Caulkins, M., Scott, C. & Cohen, A. (2006). Mapping the Boundaries of Philosophical Methodology: Towards Multiplicity, Deep Democracy and Being Present. Panel presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for the Study of Education, Toronto, Ontario (York U.).

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Banack, H., Provençal, J. Caulkins, M. Gova, A., Cohen, A. & Bai, H. (2005). Learning to learn together. Panel presented at Comparative and International Education Society’s Annual Conference (West), Vancouver, Sept 29- Oct. 1, 2005.Respondent to Dr. C. Bingham- EGSA Faculty Presentation: SFU.

Banack, H. P. Shaker, H. Bai, & C. Bingham (2003) Community in a postmodern world. Education with/out Borders Symposium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Selected Publications

Banack, H. (2014). Pathways: the Ontario journal of outdoor education. Accepted. Published Spring 2015.

Banack, H. (2014). Riverine Revised. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education. Under Review.

Banack, H. and Elza, D. (2009). Desentence(sizing) the Reference: Lifenotes in Endnotes Educational Insights, 13(4).
[Available: http://www.ccfi.educ.ubc.ca/publication/insights/v13n04/articles/banack_elza/index.html]

Banack, H., Broom, C. & Bai, H. (2007) “Faux-Connaitre-Getting It and Not Getting It- A Dialogue on Foucault”: SFU Educational Review. http://journals.sfu.ca/sfuer/index.php/sfuer/issue/view/2

Bai, H. & *Banack, H. (2006). To see a world in a grain of sand: Complexity and moral education. Complicity: An international Journal of
Complexity and Education, 3(1), 5–20. Available online at http://www.complexityandeducation.ualberta.ca/journal.htm

Research Projects

• The Knowledge Project for Vancouver Youth: Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia
• Project: Ethic of Care Film: Simon Fraser University
• Project: Cultural and Linguistic Identities; School Programs, Policies and Practices: A case study of social responsibility in one elementary school

Courses Taught

• Interdisciplinary Studies 1100: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, KPU
• Education 1100: Introduction to Education, KPU
• Education 437: Ethics and Education, SFU
• Education 240- Social Issues in Education, SFU
• Education 435- Global Perspectives on Education, SFU
• EDCP 323- Introduction to Outdoor Education, UBC
• EDCP 423- Advanced Methodologies in Outdoor Education, UBC
• EDCP 322- Physical Education- Elementary: Curriculum and Pedagogy, UBC
• EDCP 349- Science – Elementary: Curriculum and Pedagogy, UBC
• EDST 403- Education, Knowledge, and Curriculum, UBC
• EDST 404- Ethics and Teaching, UBC
• EDUC 830- Implementation of Educational Programs, SFU