Fred Brown



Research Assistant/Technician

What I Do

  • Responsible for coordinating, maintaining, preparing, purchasing and managing inventory of all specialized equipment in 13 specialized labs in the department.
  • Responsible for preparation of chemicals for use in classes, and safe storage and disposal of waste products in the laboratories .
  • Operates and maintains highly specialized equipment requiring extensive training.
  • Maintaining the security of department equipment and supplies in offices, laboratories and storage rooms.
  • Providing specialized technical advice to all lab users, which requires in-depth knowledge of rapidly changing equipment, techniques and appropriateness for curriculum application.
  • Researching and maintaining specialized equipment for teaching and research purposes.
  • Liaises with outside suppliers for acquisition of specialized equipment, services, and supplies.
  • Consulting and advising faculty members and students on the use of equipment required for various classes, and instructing students on safe laboratory procedures for a high school classroom.
  • Researches and determines the applicability of new technology and systems.
  • Administering and coordinating University-wide safety programs to ensure that all work areas of the department conform to regulatory requirements of Risk Management, and outside bodies such as WorkSafeBC and other agencies.
  • Provides new worker training as required by WorkSafe BC Safety Orientation Guidelines.
  • Conducting work site inspections and maintaining records, including formulating and maintaining current safety manuals for the laboratories as prescribed by regulatory bodies.
  • Acquiring and maintaining certification for Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Handling of Bio-Hazardous Materials for various regulatory bodies.
  • Representing the department on the Faculty of Education Safety and Fire Safety Committees and the University Sustainability Department.
  • Alerts Campus Security, Administration and/or Facilities Management immediately of core building concerns and/or security issues in the areas overseen.
  • Projecting future needs of the laboratories and preparing proposals for acquisitions and renovations.