Quality of Life Committee

“One way to improve quality of life, I think, is to “sweat the small stuff” and try to notice what small details can be changed. While the Quality of Life Committee is doing that, I’ll do my best to chip away at some of the more major structural / systemic problems that need attention.”

*Dennis Sumara, 25 October 2006

The Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy’s (EDCP) Quality of Life Committee was established in October 2006 to attend to things we can change, through immediate, small term, medium range and long term action and goals. Short term examples include remodeling the EDCP lounge, resolving everyday stressors for staff (e.g., ergonomics, task clarification), and attending to graduate student professional development experiences. Medium range examples include addressing the Department’s Mission Statement, and providing guidance by creating an Affirmative Action Plan and Green Plan. Attending to the long term means fostering and maintaining a responsive and responsible Department culture and mission over time to effect short- and medium-range decisions and plans.

Among the QLC’s achievements have been the EDCP Green Plan (20 September 2007) and Affirmative Action Plan (18 January 2007).